Monday, 30 October 2017

Have you converted your site to have responsive design and mobile friendly?

With Google changing the search results techniques with the change in times, it has become imperative for the website owners that their site is mobile friendly. With more and more use of smartphones and high-end devices, the users on the desktop or laptop are decreasing day by day compelling the website owners to switch to mobile friendly and responsive designs for their websites.

Mobile Friendly Websites

To make your website #Mobile-friendly, first of all, put your website pages to Mobile-Friendly Tests. The test will analyze any URL and provide a report if the page design is mobile-friendly or not.If the test results are negative then try to make a site mobile-friendly as soon as possible with 3rd party software.


However, if you want to convert your existing website to the mobile-friendly site then to implement your choice will mean that you need to change the theme of the website altogether which employs modern #responsive-design principles. After having a responsive design your site will appear good not only on desktops or laptops but its appearance will be appealing in mobile browsers as responsive designs easily adapt to every type of browser even if it encounters using the uniform HTML, CSS and JavaScript Codes.  After you have changed the theme to responsive or you want to check the theme of your existing website for responsiveness then put the website URL to this Responsive Design Test.

After testing your site's design to be responsive then it will automatically pass the Mobile-Friendly Test too and you can relax without worrying about that you may not lose your customers and users due to the non-mobile-friendly version of your website. It is time to act now as the %age of mobile users is increasing by leaps and bounds and everybody wants to access the web while on the move. 

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