Sunday, 1 October 2017

Have you ever earned from an online Hobby?

The title of the post may appear to be funny but it is true that you can earn through an online hobby. I am not talking about playing online rummy or online lottery games. It is all about your writing skills and common sense guided by an experienced blogger. As the curtain is going to fall on the year 2017 in just next 91 days when the hour and minute hands of the clock will overlap each other at midnight of 31st December 2017 to usher in New Year 2018 with bursting of crackers, twinkling lights and rockets going up in the sky, I thought it fit to write a post for the fresh and new bloggers who might be ready to join us in 2018 with an intention that they may earn through their online hobby of content writing and undertaking surveys. Most of the bloggers cheat and template the new bloggers by making them believe that they can earn thousands of $$ dollars through blogging and advertising either through AdSense or other advertising networks. But it is a mirage and distant dream as I was also lured by the so-called money making machines while sitting in the comfort of your bedroom. Frankly speaking, it is very very difficult to earn through online content writing as you need to market your content also. Hereby marketing I do not mean that you are to sell your online content through payment gateways. By the way, why the online audience should buy your content if they do not want to even read it. First of all, make your online content worth its value to be read by millions of people and that is possible only if you optimize your content to be displayed by major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. To start with your online hobby I would like to share my performance since 2012 by honestly telling you my income and expenditure details during 2012-2017 and my investment in terms of hours of work during 2012-2017 and now I have ended up setting us by big commercial enterprise at CIBIL Consultants where I am making thousands of dollars per month to be distributed to my team members:


 Domain Registrations and Renewals
          29,287-00 *See Popular Domains Below
 Hosting Plans and Renewals 2012-2022
 Developer Console from Google
 Google Application for Business
            Free Courtesy Google Inc
 Google Ad-words Advertising
 Facebook Advertising
 Other Miscl Expense

 Total 2012-2017 (5 years)
*[My popular domains are,,,,,, and matching domains]


Remuneration received from Global Test Market
Earning from IndiaStudyChannel where I have contributed More than 30 content articles  
Income from Advertising through Google Adsense
Income from HubPages
Other Income from online Consultancy Hobby during 2012-2017



 Total 2012-2017 (5 years)

Out of the total earned an income of Rs.9000-00, I have paid Rs.9000/- to the developer for helping me to make my upcoming Global Website, a successful venture. I plan to increase my earnings to Rs.50000/- in the year 2018 and not to pocket even a single pie as my online hobby keeps me busy and also meets with the internet expenditure to make it a "No Profit No Loss" venture.

The tricky, smart and experienced technocrat bloggers will put the screenshots and images of cheques altered in Photoshop to make them look alike that they earned thousands of $$ dollars from AdSense or online content whereas Adsense clearly bans the publishing of AdSense accounts and sharing these accounts on the web. It is just to lure you to click their ads or advertisements just to find that the smart advertiser will ask for money in the US $$ dollars to let you know the secret of earning thousands of dollars $$ online in the comfort of your bedroom. But I have published my balance sheet in the most transparent way so that you can also Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means.
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