Saturday, 28 October 2017

How the IBA befooled the poor bank employees!

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On 23rd of February 2015, the Bank Unions and IBA had signed an agreement to end the more than 2 year old stalemate after ignoring the interest of the senior citizens and pensioners who worked with dedication and sacrificed their active life of 35 to 40 years in developing the Indian Economy by implementing the policies of the Government during the the post nationalization period w.e.f. 1969 to date. The IBA had not only ignored the pensioners in the banking industry, but the IBA had also be-fooled the existing bank employees by giving them lollipop of holiday on 2nd and last Saturday of the month. The poor banker could not calculate the funniness of the IBA and to taste the lollipop they fell prey to accepting full working day on the rest of Saturdays in addition to working beyond working hours without any remuneration and ignoring their families. Today the younger generation is running away to accept the employment in banking industry and if at all they accept they leave the banking industry as soon as they find the green pastures. Now see for yourself the way the bank employees have been lured to accept more working hours as under:

If one day work is X
Then half day work is X/2.
So one year has 52 weeks.
So now 52*(X/2)=26X total Saturday work.
But after settlement...
Monthly 2 Saturday offs
So 12 months 24 Saturday off
So 52-24=28 full working Saturdays.
So total Saturday work=28X
Which is 2X more.
Means our work increases for 2 days smartly.......... IBA is really smart.

Now when the next wage revision is due w.e.f. 01/11/2017 let us see as to how the IBA and Government take respond to the long following outstanding demands of the Pensioners and Employees:
  • Revision of Pension of Pensioners along with wage revision.
  • Free Medical Insurance of Retirees.
  • No Income Tax should be levied on Pension Amount as it is not an Income but a mere subsistence allowance to make both ends meet.
  • Wage Revision of Bank Employees at Par with Reserve Bank Employees.

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