Friday, 27 October 2017

Jao TaxPayer Jago

Know about the Dream House of Mukesh Ambani, which was: (Source Facebook Posts making rounds) [Original Date of Publication 27-02-2015 Republished on 27-10-2017]
  • Built in a period of 7 years
  • Built Area 4 Lac Square Feet app.
  • With 27 Floors
  • Equipped with 9 Lifts
  • Fitted with one Theatre Hall
  • Having one Gymnastic Gym
  • Facility for parking more than 150 vehicles.
  • Total of 600 rooms
  • Served by 600 domestic servants
  • World's largest single-family house
  • Total Estimated Cost Rs.4700 Crores.
  • One month Electric Bill is around Rs.70 Lacs

  • Possible only in Poor India
  • Poor India, where McDonald Pizza reaches your residence faster than the ambulance.
  • Poor India which pays Rs.3 crores to the olympic shooters but sheds not more than Rs.One lac to the shooters who sacrifice their lives while fighting at the borders
PM Modi at Marriage Function of Tej Partap Singh
Let us fight against this VVIP Culture and support the effort of "Times Now Channel" who has started a campaign to end the V.VIP or VIP culture in India. Mr.Mahesh Jethmalani has filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the privileges enjoyed by the so called representative of the people at the cost of the hard earned money of the tax payer. In the recent marriage ceremony of Tej Partap Singh, grandson of Mulayam Singh Yadav, all the big bigs of Poor India took part and more than 1000 strong security personnel were deployed including bomb disposal squads to ensure the security of big bigs including Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi. As per reports all the security expenses were borne by the State or Central Government at the cost of honest tax payers of the country. Please air your views on the extravagances expenditure. If at all the VVIP need to attend the functions of VVIP nears and dears, let them do so at their own cost and at their own risk as such invitations can not be treated in their official capacity. There should be a well defined protocol to attend the functions in official capacity.
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